It's all a matter of perspective.

I enjoy uncovering the unexpected in the everyday, peeling away the layers until all that is left is something different, something new, something memorable.

In my work, I gravitate toward symmetry, geometry, contrast, and texture. I love looking at the world from different angles to capture the beautifully unexpected images that were right there the whole time.

  • The Grid

    Welders are suspended outside the unfinished structure of a high-rise building in Boston's financial district.

  • Visitors, Grand Prismatic Spring

    Two visitors to the Grand Prismatic Spring walk along the boardwalk suspended over the steaming hot spring waters.

  • Parking, Government Center

    The parking garage at Government Center is jagged in the afternoon sun.

  • Exit Arch

    From a second-level balcony, a passage between areas of the Royal Ontario Museum's "Michael Lee-Chin Crystal" annex can be seen, marked by an illuminated "exit" sign.

  • Observer

    A lone construction worker looks out over the Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C., phone to his ear.

  • Elizabeth Tower, Sidewalk View

    The face of Big Ben stands high above the sidewalk along Bridge Street, London.

  • Balconies, Reflection

    The balconies of the Atlas Suites reflect in the windows of an office building across John Street in downtown Toronto.

  • The Arm

    A hydraulic crane rises in front of the Langham Hotel in downtown Boston.

  • Angled Structure

    The exposed frame of a modern building under construction in London, UK.

  • Court Facilities

    A face of the derelict Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse can be seen across a snow-covered ledge of the First Street parking garage in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  • 70 University Avenue

    From the street below, the geometric segments of this Toronto office building form an imposing wall of glass.

  • Steel Web

    The glass and steel supporting structures of the Federal Judicial Center building in Washington, D.C. almost look like impenetrable cobwebs.

  • A Conversation

    Two people share a conversation in a thick fog on Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Maine.

  • Submarine

    The interplay of shapes and shadows across the surface of a submarine playground along the Halifax harbourfront in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Ornamentation

    The facade of St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica contrasts with the window grid of a Sheraton hotel and branches of a tree in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • Stacked

    Layers of office buildings form interlocking grids in downtown Boston.

  • Sunbeam

    A square of light illuminates a section of the exterior of the Wang Campus Center at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

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